Employee Recognition

According to worldatwork.org, 90% of employees who work in organizations with effective rewards programs say that, “My work makes a difference.” On the other pretty startling hand, a study on Gallup reveals that only 14% of companies indicated that their organization features [recognition] programs regularly when recruiting. That’s a pretty large gap of people looking for something that companies just aren’t providing! Take a moment to ask yourself this question. Do my employees feel recognized? Knowing what their engagement levels are, if they are willing to provide extra assistance when needed, if they offer ideas or input, there are many ways to tell if you have engaged employees, or not.

In our time in the corporate office, we have seen many rewards programs come and go, but sometimes saying thank you can best be said in the most simple of ways, and some are quite yummy! Here are some of our favorites!

Notecard saying “You’re a Lifesaver!”

“Thank you for helping us GROW.”

“Thanks for raisin’ the tough issues and questions.”

Leave a mixture of different kinds of gums on the cafeteria table (or individuals on desks) with a sign that says, “Thanks for STICKING with us!”

“Thanks for all of your hard work! Here’s an extra Pay Day!”

Candles are a unique recognition gift as well. Leave it with a note that says, “Thank you for everything! You Brighten our day.”

“Thank you for being so Motivated & Marvelous!”

Some weeks can get hectic in the office…for EVERYONE. Leave a fresh tray of cinnamon buns with a sign or note saying, “You all work your buns off! Thank you!”

“You give us a sweet smell of success! Thank you for all you do.”

When an employee or department do really well on a project, let them know they “take the cake!”

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