With the 2024 open enrollment season around the corner, employers have an opportunity to develop attractive benefits offerings and proactively communicate with employees to win them over. Here are some ways to prepare early for open enrollment.

Tailoring Benefits Offerings

Adding or tweaking a few benefits options could be the difference between retaining or losing top performers. Also, obtaining employee feedback ahead of open enrollment shows a meaningful interest in their concerns.

Determining Key Messaging 

After solidifying benefits options, employers need to plan their messaging and communication strategies. For 2024, key messaging might focus on new or updated benefits offerings and the fact that that these offerings serve as incentives for employees to stay in their current positions.

Communicating Benefits

Surveys show that employees want more help understanding their options. An effective open enrollment communication strategy may include the following components:

• Group meetings to discuss available benefits
• One-on-one meetings to go over any questions
• Multichannel communication methods (e.g., videos, printouts, guides, presentations, emails and guides)
• Periodic enrollment reminders, including enrollment dates and workplace-specific instructions
• Messaging that directs employees to designated points of contact for questions (e.g., HR)

Preparing early for open enrollment can help employers educate their current workforce, boost retention efforts and win more talent in the ever-challenging labor market.