Recruitement and Management

Are you hoping to hire millennial employees for open roles at your company? Millennials are now the largest generation, and they make up the majority of the workforce. Therefore, companies need to implement strategies that will attract millennials if they want to grow their staff. Plus, you’ll have to adjust your management style to bring out the best in your new millennial employees. 

With consulting guidance from The Complete Manager Makeover, you can improve your recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and management tactics to grow and develop a high-performing millennial team. These tips will help you hire, train, and retain millennial employees!

Attracting Millennial Candidates

First, it’s important to develop an in-depth understanding of what most millennials are looking for in the workplace. By tailoring job descriptions based on the priorities of millennial job seekers, you’ll be able to appeal to the right pool of candidates. 

What do millennials look for while job searching? Launchways states that millennials typically want to have access to health insurance plans that cover mental health support, student loan repayment assistance, and financial planning programs, such as 401(k) education. Millennial employees also prioritize applying for jobs that offer unlimited paid time off! Finally, millennials want to work for companies where they will enjoy opportunities for upward advancement.

If you offer these benefits, make sure to highlight them in job descriptions. Clearly describe the responsibilities and necessary qualifications, and include a realistic salary range. This will ensure that candidates know exactly what’s expected of them before they submit an application. 

Recruitment Marketing

How will you get the word out about open positions at your company and ensure that millennials will see the opportunities you’re advertising? You need an effective recruitment marketing strategy to get job postings in front of a millennial audience.

Recruitment marketing means meeting your audience where they are, and if you’re targeting millennials, you need to promote job openings on social media. Instagram is a great platform for sharing information about openings! By using the Instagram post generator from the Adobe Spark platform, you can create colorful graphics and shareable Instagram content that looks cohesive with your overall brand identity. My Factoring Brokers also recommends filming fun video content and allowing your employees to share their own positive experiences at your company on social media.

Smart Management

Millennial employees want their managers to trust them with a greater degree of autonomy and independence in the workplace. Although you may need your staff in the office some days, it’s a good idea to allow your employees to work remotely if they are interested. Furthermore, giving your employees more flexibility in their scheduling can help them thrive. For instance, unless you have meetings scheduled at particular times, letting your employees work outside of typical office hours means that they can focus on their most important projects when their productivity is highest. Perks like this will be valued by your millennial employees.

Emotional Intelligence

When it comes to managing millennials, emotional intelligence is paramount. Someone who possesses a high level of emotional intelligence can easily identify and understand their own feelings and knows how to utilize this knowledge to improve their relationships. You can help your millennial employees develop their emotional intelligence by implementing the right management tactics. For instance, you can encourage them to reflect on their relationships with their fellow employees during performance reviews, offer stress relief programs like meditation and yoga, give constructive feedback, and recommend taking vacation time to avoid burnout.

Millennials are poised to become the leaders of the workforce. They bring innovative ideas, creative perspectives, and strong work ethics to whatever they do. With these tips, your company can begin bringing your future millennial leaders on board today!

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