It is no secret that the recession had forced many companies to work with a much smaller team. This is where your administrative support comes into play. Administrative professionals can help in all areas of the workplace such as identifying money saving techniques and helping understand today’s technology to better improve business efficiencies. According to a survey conducted by the International Association of Administrative Professionals, more than 4,400 administrative professionals and 500 managers want the opportunity to expand their responsibilities and amplify their abilities. Here are some tips on how to do just that!

1. Empower yourself to serve as a spending guard dog. Identify costly wastefulness (where do YOU see it happening most often.)
2. Do not be afraid to offer help in negotiating with certain vendors. A fresh pair of eyes and ears never hurt anyone.
3. Give yourself the upper hand by knowing the in’s and out’s of today’s technology. The more technical training you have as an administrative assistant the more your entire company will benefit.
4. Ask your employer about providing you with training to help bring new employees on board. Considering you know your company management style and corporate culture, you will probably be able to pinpoint which applicants best fit your organization.
5. Get involved in volunteer activities. After all corporate caring and “giving back” is good business, lead the charge on some initiatives for your organization.
6. Offer to help with major and minor event planning. (Planning team building events can be a great way to use your creativity and have a little fun with a new project.)
7. Request access to the training and tools to continue to successfully fulfill your duties. (Accounting courses, budgeting, and leadership classes all make you more valuable and useful to the organization)

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