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Leadership Training and Speaking Company


To be the global leader in management training and development focused on reducing the communication soft-skills gap to ensure “no matter how tough the conversation, every employee walks out of their manager's office with their dignity intact.


Our mission is Transforming the Human in Human Resources to reduce the statistics that indicate 60% of employees say that managers are the reason they left their company. We do this through effectively training leaders on compliance but more importantly, the critical communication and soft-skills to manage the HUMAN element of leadership. In so doing, organizations reduce liability, increase employee retention, improve business performance.

How We Support You

Short or Long Term Human Resources Support Services
On Demand H.E.L.P. Services (Have it Explained by Lisa Perez) 
Facilitation of The Complete Manager Makeover Training Program
The Complete Manager Makeover Membership Programs
On-line Learning Management Systems for All Employees & Managers
D.I.S.C. Model of Human Behavior Training & Assessments
Comprehensive Human Resources & Recordkeeping Audits
Organizational Design & Company Culture

A Company You Can Trust with Your HR Needs

Are you struggling with employee retention and low morale?
Are you in compliance with Federal, State and Local employment law?
Do you feel like your managers need more support and training, but you don't have the resources or enough hours in the day?

At HBL Resources we understand these challenges and provide solutions that directly improve your company's culture, productivity and performance.

Our team will re-engage your employees, support your managers, and provide the HR infrastructure your company needs to succeed. HBL Resources specializes in educating and supporting managers, business owners, and HR Execs through our trademarked Complete Manager Makeover curriculum and memberships.

With over 30 years of experience, we're on a mission to provide the best practices for managing the people who help support and run your business. Whether through the Complete Manager Makeover book, our inclusive memberships, community or corporate training, we bring fresh and relevant content to improve business performance.

Contact us today for a free consultation on speaking, training, or memberships. Join us and experience the tangible change that HBL Resources and The Complete Manager Makeover brings to your organization.

Lisa I Perez

Lisa I. Perez, SPHR-SHRM-SCP
President & Founder

As the lead HR Consultant, Lisa delivers efficient execution of strategic goals, improved administration processes and engaging training all with integrity, reliability and value. She ensures “sustainable results” with the “highest level of professionalism”. But don’t take our word for it, read for yourself…