What Your Employees Wish You’d Do to Be a Better Manager

Managers play an integral role in a company's success. With these tips, you can develop a closer relationship with your employees and foster an environment of security, loyalty, and productivity. According to the Work Institutes, 2020 Retention Report, "Organizations must ensure managers are well-trained in relationship skills and conduct or continue to lose the talent war." This training focuses on The Complete Manager Makeover Membership program, composed of dedicated business owners and managers who strive every day to become stronger leaders.

4 Tips for Recruiting and Managing Your Millennial Staff

Are you hoping to hire millennial employees for open roles at your company? Millennials are now the largest generation, and they make up the majority of the workforce. Therefore, companies need to implement strategies that will attract millennials if they want to grow their staff. Plus, you’ll have to adjust your management style to bring out the best in your new millennial employees. 
just hired veteran and their child

Placing Your Bets on a Veteran Workforce

One of the greatest ways that business owners can thank veterans for their service to our country is to offer them meaningful employment once they come back home and help arm them with the tools necessary for career success. Rather than it being a one-way street, however, you are getting the benefit of military discipline, training, work ethic,