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Are you a leader in search of higher purpose and knowledge?
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The Complete Manager Makeover® course offers a proven, trademarked curriculum that highlights DISC, Generational Diversity, Compliance and Legalities, Performance Improvement Discussions, and Steps for Legal & Effective Interviews. 

We're seeking skilled trainers to facilitate our course and transform the human element of HR. As a CMM Trainer, you'll increase the services and training you provide and make a real difference in the field. 

Join us and celebrate The CMM mission as we train coast to coast, one trainer at a time!

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The Complete Manager Makeover® community, memberships and courses are based on its core curriculum and the author’s almost 30 years of experience. They offer management and leadership development training that provides relevant, practical and essential support to strengthen managerial skills used at every stage of the employee life cycle including:  recruitment, interviewing, onboarding, development, retention, separation and so much more! 

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