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Enhancing Performance with Executive Coaching

Professional and Executive Coaching has long been recognized as a way individuals and organizations can improve performance. Our Executive Coaching packages provide customized options for improving individual and corporate performance through Effective 90-Minute Engagement Sessions called E60 Engagement Sessions.

E60 Engagement Sessions are effective in providing sufficient time for discovery, dialogue and direction toward immediate results.

The Power of E60 Engagement Sessions

Achieving Leadership Excellence with Coaching
Using content from the Complete Manager Makeover™ Workshops we deliver this content one on one providing to your High Performing Employees or Leaders in Development providing exclusive learning opportunities particular to your organization.
Strengthening Skills with Leadership Shadowing
Individual or team support through observation of meetings, management or business activities, or whole-day work shadowing provides real-time feedback for learning at its most powerful.
Mastering Communication with Presentation Coaching
Effective presentations are increasingly important. They require a clearly identified purpose, a strategy for achieving that purpose, preparation and practice. Business presentations, interviews, talks, and speeches require great communication skills. Different occasions require different strategies. Learn how to manage the environment, build rapport, structure the presentation, and deliver.
Cultivating Leaders: Professional and Executive Leadership Sessions
Using content from the Complete Manager Makeover™ Workshops we deliver this content one on one to your Executive Leaders providing advanced learning opportunities in their continued career development.
Making Progress with 1-2-1 Executive Coaching Sessions
Conducted face-to-face in mutually agreed locations (preferably away from client worksite) or via phone, online meeting, or Skype when agreed.
Building Better Teams through Coaching
Independent review of the team and individual D.I.S.C. profiles, review of organizational charts, job descriptions and duties in the context of the organization’s mission and strategy providing critical feedback for individuals and the team as a whole to

Success Stories: The Impact of Our Executive Coaching

“… Lisa was able to guide me through difficult issues by providing unbiased, factual assessments and coaching me to successful resolution of conflicts. I was able to improve my facilitation and negotiation skills … She provided direct and constructive feedback on my management skills and communication skills. …Lisa has the great skill of being honest and straightforward but at the same time retaining confidence and integrity. Lisa helps you to face the barriers and conflicts within yourself and in your organization and provides coaching to overcome them. As an Executive Coach, Lisa had very positive impact personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wishes to get an honest perspective of their skills and who wish to improve and progress.”

Anna Anderson
General Manager, Iron Horse Hotel