How We Operate

Achieve performance improvement, engage your workforce and mitigate liability with HBL Resources, Inc. Our Human Resource Management Services are comprehensive yet cost effective to meet your needs.

HBL Resources, Inc. assists clients with their human resource management needs on a per-project or retained contract basis. Key expectations and goals for assignments are agreed upon in advance and proposals are submitted for client approval.

A proposal outlines project objectives, the responsibilities of both the client and HBL Resources, Inc., and the investment and payment schedule to facilitate the organizations budget process and ensure 100% clarity leading to client satisfaction. Prior to project commencement and for Professional Liability Insurance purposes, clients are required to approve the proposal and/or a Consulting Agreement in writing.

A commencement investment initiates the project(s) and as outlined in the proposal, invoices are submitted at critical mileposts or upon project completion.  HBL Resources, Inc. works from its offices or at client locations when required.  Clients pre-approve expenses for travel, room and board when applicable.

In today’s economy, companies want an affordable solution to address the ever changing Human Resource Management arena. HBL Resources, Inc. affordably fills that gap with 20+ years of high level HR expertise.