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Are your Human Resources Practices Hurting your Business? 

Are employees "quiet quitting" without you even knowing it? 
Quiet quitting is when employees disengage, put minimum effort into work to keep their jobs and don't go the extra mile for their employer. This results in loss of productivity, higher turnover and increased expenses. 
Wouldn't it be great to have motivated and productive employees who really enjoy what they do as well as who they do it for?  Implementing effective HR strategies and Best Practices to be an Employer of Choice ensures your employees are engaged and remain with you longer so that you experience lower turnover, higher revenue, and reduced costs.
Are you avoiding risk with legally compliant HR practices? 
Accurate recordkeeping, correct wage & hour practices and compliance with overall HR regulations ensures you avoid potential HR headaches, reduce the risk of litigation and improve business performance. 


A recent ADP  study indicated 70% of small businesses in the US handle the (HR) function with staff members who manage it on an “ad-hoc” basis and 82% of those individuals indicated they have no formal HR education or certification, which can lead to infractions and fines.

This practice takes approximately 13 hours a week from that staff members primary duty and costs over $18,000 a year to have untrained staff manage HR tasks.



I’ve known Lisa Perez for a number of years and know her to be extremely knowledgeable and versed in the subject of Human Resources. That is why we joined her Complete Manager Makeover Business Owners Advisory Group.  The  discussions she facilitates are on topics important to business owners and have proven to be quite helpful to us.  We have revised many of our processes to improve compliance due to the information they have provided to us.  They are a great partner to have, for any business to succeed!

Sue Meister, Chief Operating Officer

Image 360 Lauderhill, FL 

Our company has enrolled several of our managers in Lisa’s Complete Manager Makeover. Our Team Members that completed the program have nothing but great things to report about it. They’ve all benefited both personally and professionally from the training material that was presented by Lisa during her courses. I strongly recommend enrolling your company’s managerial Team in Lisa’s Complete Manager Makeover.

Robert Sanchez

Robert E. SanchezRegional Operations Manager

United Screening Services

Business Owner Memberships Include:

Dedicated Bi-weekly Calls Facilitated by a Dual Certified Professional in HR (SPHR, SHRM-SCP)
Full Suite Learning Management System (LMS) with all Employee Access to over 150 E-Courses to Increase Compliance, Learning & Development and Retention
Get Answers to Your Complex HR & Employee Relations Questions
Ensure Regulatory Compliance to Reduce Risk of Litigation
Communicate Confidently in Employee Relations Conversations
Improve Employee Engagement, Productivity & Morale 

Attorney Reviewed Online Human Resources Database:

HR Apps including:
* Job Description Builder
* Interview Question Builder
* Performance Review Builder 
* Handbook Builder
* Salary Benchmark Reports
* Sample Job Descriptions
Compliance Apps including:
*  ACA Reporting Requirements
*  Federal & State Poster Advisor
*  FMLA Advisor
*  Multi-State Laws Comparison Tool

Business Owner Membership Program
(1 to 99 Employees)

monthly per business (not per employee)

Online Learning Management System (LMS) - Unlimited Access to over 150 Courses
(a $2,500 Value)
HR Resource Database - This attorney reviewed reference center provides Federal and State Specific Compliance Info, Sample Forms, Policies, and Checklists, Employee Handbook Builder, Resources for Hiring, Performance Management and Termination Processes, Salary Benchmarking Reports and more!  (a $3,500 Value)
Attend Bi-Weekly Q&A Sessions with a Certified HR Expert delivering Ongoing Content & Instruction - Boost your knowledge and understanding of modern managerial principles and practices. You will learn key skills in all areas of the employee life cycle such as recruitment, interviewing, onboarding, training, employee development, retention & engagement strategies, performance management, separation, exit and more! On each LIVE call, you will have the  opportunity to participate in a Q&A Session, Get Guidance, Coaching or Instruction.(a $7,995 Value)
Complimentary Access to Current & Future Webinars and Webinar Recordings
(a $679 Value)
Complimentary Access to E-Book Resource Library (a $360 Value)
Member Discounts Members save on The CMM Products and Consultation Services.
Member Perks Program Exclusive discounts and special offers from top brands nationwide including home essentials, electronics, streaming services, apparel, food delivery, automotive, health and wellness, plus the best deals in travel and entertainment. (All Employee Access )

Business Owner Memberships Provide Access To Our Exclusive Community, Ongoing Training & Valuable Resources

Connect With Like Minded Individuals While
Transforming The Human in Human Resources