Find our more About our DISC Model of Human Behavior Training.

Find our more About our DISC Model of Human Behavior Training.

Conducted for executive teams, line managers/supervisors, employees or your entire organization, we can customize a highly effective Human Behavior course also known as DISC The Model of Human Behavior Training Workshop to meet your needs. All sessions include a Model of Human Behavior Assessment for Each Participant Prior to the Workshop.

What is DISC?

DISC is the universal language of observable human behavior, or “how we act”. DISC does not measure education, experience, values or intelligence. It simply measures an individual’s behaviors, or how they communicate.

How do I use DISC?

With the knowledge of DISC, you can learn to underst and and appreciate your behavior style and that of others. Then you can adapt your style to improve communication with others. This way you can exp and on the golden rule… Instead of treating others as YOU would like to be treated, treat them the way THEY would like to be treated.

How DISC is Measured?

DISC assessments measure four dimensions of behavior, each associated with a behavioral style:

• How you respond to problems or challenges ⇒ Dominance

• How you influence others to your point of view ⇒ Influence

• How you respond to the pace of the environment ⇒ Steadiness

• How you respond to rules and procedures ⇒ Compliance

The assessments are highly personalized and set the foundation of personal awareness to be used during the training sessions or one-on-one coaching. Through use of assessments and activities our workshops are interactive to ensure each participant is fully engaged from start to finish.

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