DISC Introduction to the Model of Human Behavior


DISC is the universal language of observable human behavior, or “how we act”. An online DISC assessment taken prior to the workshop measures an individual’s behaviors or how they communicate. Understanding the dynamics associated with personality in the workplace plays a key role in how one behaves, reacts, and engages with others. Behavioral awareness improves how individuals communicate, motivate, and persuade others – directly impacting your organization’s bottom line.

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Have you ever tried to express something to a family member, friend, client or colleague and it didn’t go exactly as you’d envisioned? Or maybe you’ve felt “rubbed” the wrong way by someone and either knew exactly why or didn’t know why at all? Whether in your personal or professional life, those situations can be frustrating—but they are challenges that can be improved and even fixed.

Lisa is passionate about engaging with others and connecting on a deeper human level which builds solid rapport, allowing her to meet the needs of her family, friends, colleagues and clients in order to serve them best and meeting them at their point of need. Lisa believes in the system so strongly that every executive coaching client takes a DISC Assessment to ensure maximum success, through the knowledge of themselves first. She regularly teaches about D.I.S.C. to individuals of all ages because of how positively it has impacted her Home, Business & Life in general.

In this Session You Will Learn:

  • The intrinsic drives that make up the four behavior styles
  • Quick tips on how to recognize your primary behavior style and that of others
  • How this knowledge can help improve personal relationships
  • A few strategies to overcome personality struggles.
  • How you can take this DISCovery to the Next Level!