The CMM Summit Feb 2021 Swag Bag Access


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<p>Buy NOW to Get The Unique Speaker Offers provided during The CMM Summit! <strong>($2,687</strong> Total Value) You Receive:</p>
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<li>15% Off First Purchase including Memberships in The CMM Shop</li>
<li>Recording <strong>(Valued up to $285)</strong></li>
<li>The 2021 National Management Training Week ToolKit <strong>(a $15 Value)</strong></li>
<li>Get 60 minutes of one on one coaching to discuss your Design Thinking Road map with me for free. <strong>(a $250 Value)</strong></li>
<li>5 Powerful Tools for Creating Adoptable & Sustainable Change</li>
<li><strong>$150 Off</strong> A Teambuilding Huddle (Expires 3/11/2021)</li>
<li><strong>20% discount</strong> on Brave Leadership Coaching Intensive. <strong>(a $1,000 Value) </strong>Available through 3/31/2021</li>
<li>The CMM Creating Balance & Boundaries Tool <strong>(a $50 Value)</strong></li>
<li>FREE DROM Workday Energizer and Calm Meditation <strong>(a $40 Value)</strong></li>
<li>Complimentary 1:1 Breakthrough Session <strong>(a $350 Value)</strong></li>
<li>3 Simple Tools to Begin Living The One Philosophy. <strong>(a 47 Value)</strong></li>
<li>Complimentary 60 Minute Coaching Session <strong>(a $500 Value)</strong> Offer Ends 3/31/2021</li>
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