Staff Retention

Sometimes we just need to look at some basics to combat retention issues. These items below provide a solid start.

1. Are you hiring the most qualified c andidates or the best fit to the organizations culture? Focus on making sure that the individuals you are hiring are not only a good match for the job skills and knowledge required, but also for the work environment, company culture and more importantly their own strengths and areas of interest.

2. Strategize. Your strategy to improve retention should examine whether or not new employees are:

o fully orientated to the company as well as their position,
o receiving effective on-boarding information,
o receiving effective training by knowledgable trainers,
o receiving challenging assignments including those outside of their own role
o being provided support from and open communication with others in the company,
o underst anding what opportunities for career advancement exist.

3. When employees do leave, are you conducting and tracking exit interviews? If so, what are you doing with the data? You can read more about this in our post

Turnover can be a constant burden in any line of business, but it is controllable using these basics as a start.