Monitoring PTO Amounts

Many companies are now offering paid time off (PTO) as opposed to traditional vacation and sick day policies. With a PTO policy, employees can draw from their allotted bank of

4 Ways AI Will Impact the Workplace in 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) garnered attention from every industry in 2023, revolutionizing the way organizations operate and make decisions. Many employers adopted this technology to streamline operations, enhance workflows and improve

Progressive Discipline

Progressive discipline systems are used by employers as a reaction to poor performance or rule violations with the intent to help avoid employee legal claims (e.g., employment discrimination, sexual harassment,

5 Ways HR Can Support Employees’ Mental Health

An employee’s mental health includes how they think, feel and act, and includes their emotional and social well-being. While mental health includes mental illness, the two aren’t interchangeable. An employee

6 HR Trends to Monitor in 2024

In today’s market, HR professionals must adapt to the changing expectations of organizations and employees amid difficult economic conditions. As such, proactive HR leaders and professionals will approach 2024 with