Alan Schneider

Alan Schneider

“I have known Lisa Perez for over 12 years as an EXCEPTIONALLY Knowledgeable, Experienced, Professional, Personable HR Consultant that has a feel for the Entire scope of business; ie she

Jairo Herrera

Engaging and Informative! "I would recommend this seminar and presenter. Lisa was a great presenter and was easy to listen to. When asked complicated questions, she had answers that were understandable

Gina Johnson

"Lisa was very thorough!" "Lisa did an amazing job at presenting all of the material provided and went above and beyond to ensure each person received an answer to their questions.

Lauren Dickson

Lisa... makes the course lively and engaging... "This was one of the most impactful trainings I've attended (and I've attended many!). Lisa is enthusiastic and makes the course lively and engaging."