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There are hundreds of books on leadership and management but The Complete Manager Makeover offers a nuts and bolts approach to answer questions like “what exactly do I say and do in this situation?” It provides a road map to follow with people management, so whether your hiring, interviewing, training or managing performance this book has it all.  You’ll learn regulatory compliance with practical application including what to do, what to say, and how to modify what you say depending on the person and situation. The free Supplemental Toolkit gives you additional materials and tools to manage your most important career asset, the people.

10% of the proceeds from The Complete Manager Makeover (The CMM) book sales, products & services are donated to 501c3 organizations for their clean water initiatives. They include TheWaterBearers™ whose mission is to inspire those who have access to clean water to get it to those who do not and Blood:Water whose vision is to end the water and HIV/AIDS crises in Africa.

Learn More About These Key Topics And More in The Complete Manager Makeover Book

Fundamental Philosophies

Lisa shares 10 of her personal and professional fundamental philosophies as she calls them, which have been key in her success.

 PRIDES Model™

In the "Interviews are not a One-Way Street" chapter, you'll discover Lisa's PRIDES Model™ of interviewing which is instrumental in delivering a professional experience for the candidate and ensures you obtain the insight necessary for effective post-interview decision making.

Soft-Skills Journey

Journey with the author during pivotal moments in her career as she shares them throughout the book to drive home the points and need for efficient HR compliance and soft-skills training.

HR Reference Guide

Sure to be your go-to HR reference guide, The Complete Manager Makeover is full of helpful checklists, forms, strategies, and infographics to guide you through the entire employee life cycle, from hiring, managing performance, and exit strategies.

About The CMM Book Author - Lisa I. Perez

Lisa I. Perez is a USA Today Bestselling Author on the mission of Transforming the Human in Human Resources®. She speaks to organizations and associations about human resources compliance and the critical soft-skills required to reduce the statistics that indicate 60% of employees say managers are the reason they left their company. Her goal is to ensure that “every employee walks out of their managers office with their dignity intact" which is accomplished through The Complete Manager Makeover memberships, workshops, online courses, e-books, webinars and podcast.  

She has been recognized throughout her 30-year career including two 2020 American Business Awards® Silver Stevie Awards for Entrepreneur of the Year and Human Resources Professional of the Year. She holds two nationally recognized HR Certifications and her firm is designated as an approved provider of recertification credit programs from SHRM and HRCI. 

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, she is a wife, mom, grandma and craft geek.

Lisa Perez

Excellent Reviews from our Exceptional Readers

One of the best reference books to date.

This book is filled with gems, great stories, and tips for managers of all people. Leaders of tomorrow, today, and yesterday, need to get their hands on this book! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Erwin Payano

Amazon Review

This is a must read!

Author, Lisa Perez, shares so much in this one book that it blew me away. The stories she shares too as examples and case studies helped me understand the concepts she was sharing. I loved her style of writing, it was easy to read. I also loved all the graphics, and charts inside the book, it made it more practical for me to take action! 

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J. Bender

Amazon Review

Essential tool for anyone who manages people.

Lot's of practical advice and great stories from her personal experiences.

John Casbarro

Amazon Review

A book not just for HR people but for ALL managers of PEOPLE!

Workplace statistics regarding the lack of management development in the workplace and their result on employee retention continue to go ineffectively addressed and therefore have remained practically unchanged. There is a critical need for consistent, effective Management Training particularly related to HR Compliance but especially the soft-skills required when managing the HUMAN element. Chapter by chapter, The Complete Manager Makeover provides practical and essential techniques to strengthen managerial skills for every stage of the employee life cycle including recruitment, on-boarding, performance management, retention, separation and so much more! It will enhance your managerial and leadership skills so you can:

• Ensure Regulatory Compliance to Reduce Risk of Litigation

• Communicate Confidently in Employee Relations Conversations

• Improve Employee Engagement, Productivity & Morale

The 10 Fundamental Philosophies offer sincere, practical and authentic viewpoints and value for every step of your career whether in a self-leadership position or an executive leadership capacity. The meaningful stories and experiences shared from the author’s 20-year hospitality career, will have you in shock, in tears, in awe and inspired to apply the practical techniques and wisdom offered in this career enriching book. In 2020, the author founded National Management Training Week to bring awareness to the need for better managerial training and preparedness in the workplace. She's made it her mission to provide all the elements necessary for effective management training focused on Transforming the Human in Human Resources®. The free Supplemental Toolkit provides additional materials and tools to help you manage your most important career asset, the people.

Join the movement today because together we can begin Transforming the Human in Human Resources®.


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