Our Human Resources Audit Services provide a comprehensive review of current human resources policies, procedures, processes, documentation, and systems. This thorough review helps identify compliance gaps and improvement areas to ensure compliance, reduce risk and enhance the overall Human Resources function.

Based on your organization, audits include some or all of the following:

Recruitment & Selection
Equal Employment Opportunity 
Affirmative Action Plans (if applicable)
Benefit Administration Procedures
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Compliance  Wage & Hour 
Loss Prevention/OSHA  
BBP Hazard Communication (where applicable)  
General Office Administration
Recordkeeping Administration
Personnel Records
Employee File Audit
Complete Form I-9 Compliance Audit
Management/Supervisory Development Strategies

All HR Audits Provide:

A Full Report

A written post Audit report including summary of findings and recommendations will be provided with prioritized action items based on the risk level (e.g., high, medium, and low).

Real Time Feedback

One on one feedback and advice to Client during HR Audit process. Throughout the Audit, ongoing feedback of findings is provided to the designated liaison.

Flexible Scheduling

 The approximate duration of the Audit varies but is generally a few hours to a day for employers with <50 employees or up to 2 days or more for employers with >50 employees. 

“HBL began by conducting a thorough audit of the Human Resources Department, focusing on the key indicators for success. With that blueprint, we were able to identify the top areas of need and path forward.

After reviewing the audit results, HBL was contracted to assist with compliance related topics. HBL demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and thoroughness with each project. We were so pleased with the results, we decided to contract HBL for the full season of business. 

During that time, we created a full onboarding process, employee recognition program, updated policies and procedures, benefit enhancements and roll-out and consistency within the team. HBL comes equipped with a tool kit and selects the most appropriate items for each business.”

Mary D'Argenis  

Managing Director, MDA Hospitality Solutions  

"Having contracted an HR Audit,  I wanted to acknowledge the thoroughness, detail, and value of the HBL Resources HR Audit.

The final report was of great value in providing a clear picture of the current state of the Human Resources function and infrastructure, but also allowed us to develop a timeline of plans and actions from which to build a future strategy for immediate and long term improvement.

The audit actually stabilized the overall operation and created a working foundation."

David Lopez

General Manager

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An HR Audit is a valuable first step to improving an organization’s HR function.  It can be conducted independently or in conjunction with any other HR project.  Contact us today to learn more.  To find out about our HR Audit Services, get our Human Resources Audit Services Guide Below.

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