Low Cost No Cost Ways to Engage Employees

Lisa I. Perez

From HR Consultant, Lisa I. Perez, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

For several years organizations have written dozens of articles with sobering headlines such as, “Majority of American Workers Not Engaged in Their Jobs.” As business owners, employers, and managers, we should find that very disturbing. In a particular survey, Gallup found that 70% of a team’s engagement is influenced by managers and another article, supported by yet another survey, found that only 1/3 of workers are enthusiastic about the work they do and feel they are contributing to their organizations in positive way.

This 16 page E-Book will give you fast facts about engagement and over a dozen Low Cost and No Cost ways to Engage your Employees.   If you're looking for some fresh ideas, our 16 page E-Book will cover:

Recent Statistics regarding the current state of workplace engagement
Why Organizations need to engage their employees and the risks of failing to do so
Over a Dozen Tips, Tricks and Resources to engage your employees
Recognition Tags you can use to attach to rewards!  We've done the work for you!

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