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- The LACK OF MANAGEMENT TRAINING in the workplace continues to negatively impact employee retention.

- There is a CRITICAL NEED for consistent, effective management training to improve engagement.

- Training must provide the PEOPLE SKILLS necessary to manage the HUMAN ELEMENT.

of employees say managers are the reason they left their company. 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management

  Join us for a week of VIRTUAL EVENTS as we focus on


August 21St through 25th, 2023 (3rd Full Week of August)

M,T,W, F 2-3pm    Thurs 9 am - 4 pm  EST


This Program is PENDING recertification credits toward aPHR™, aPHRi™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™ and SPHRi™recertification through HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®).


HBL Resources, Inc. is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®. This program is PENDING for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.”

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- Wonderful wonderful event!  SO SO important to humanize HR.                - All the speakers were engaging Lots of information

 -Good variety of topics, I enjoyed the focus on the Human factor.              -Loved all the different speakers and the DROM breaks!

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CEO's and their Executive Teams on the cutting edge who want to re-align leadership to focus on the Human element of management and leadership, discover solutions to workplace challenges and introduce new concepts and strategies across the organization. 
Human Resources Professionals at every stage of their career focused on new and forward thinking practices and strategies, who want to harness the collective knowledge obtained to offer solutions to improve business performance.
Certified Human Resources Professionals looking to expand their HR Body of Knowledge, impact their organizations with transformational strategies and secure 5.25 recertification credits. 
Managers who are focused on self-development and seeking ways to  improve their managerial acumen particularly focused on the Human element.

So well organized and with so many speakers, they were all on time, ending your conference on time. The two stretch sessions was something that I’ve not experienced before and I loved it! Great job...

Jamaican Business Woman Manager

Judith Charlton, Broward County Program/Project Coordinator

Human Resources/Learning & Organizational Development 


National Management Training Week 2022
Weekday Sessions from 2-3PM EST 

Rob Dubin
Motivational Speaker/ Corporate Trainer

Session Focus:  Recruitment/Retention

Session Topic:  Great Resignation 2.0 - Solutions that actually work.

Richard Lombard
Cultural Intelligence Speaker & Trainer

Session Focus:  Corporate Culture

Session Topic:  Developing Cultural Intelligence to Create a More Inclusive Workplace

Dan Hunter
Founder of Workzinga 

Session Focus:  Corporate Culture

Session TopicThe Culture Fit Assessment:  The Talent Management Solution

Lisa I. Perez, SPHR, SHRM-CP

Founder, National Management Training Week

Session FocusExit/Separation

Session Topic:  Conducting a Respectable Separation Conversation

Lisa Perez

Thursday 9am - 4pm EST

Soyini Chang
Co-Founder & CEO at Quantum Power Skills 

Session Topic:  The Quantum Power Business Case for DEI

Jay Thompson
Corporate Culture Coach

Session Topic:  Creating Outstanding Team Culture

Nikki Green
Author & Motivational Speaker

Session Topic:  Moving from ME to Community

Jane Cabrera
Owner, Jane Cabrera Coaching

Session Topic:  Unity in the Community - A Leader's Guide to Transformative Communication

Matt Poepsel, PhD
The Godfather of Talent Optimization

Session Topic:  Expand the Circle: Layered Leadership That Can Boost Performance, Maximize Engagement, and Save the World

Norma Hollis
Master Change Catalyst

Session Topic:  Authentic Leadership with Dignity

Nancy Matthews
Founder, The People Skills Academy

Session Topic Reducing Conflict & Drama in the Workplace

Val Shah
Motivational Instructor/Wellness Expert 



This Program is APPROVED for 10 HR (General) recertification credits toward aPHR™, aPHRi™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™ and SPHRi™recertification through HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®).


HBL Resources, Inc. is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.  This program is APPROVED for up to 10 Credits for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.”

Lisa I. Perez
Founder & CEO, The Complete Manager Makeover

About Your Keynote Session & Host

Transforming the Human in Human Resources®

Workplace statistics regarding the lack of management development in the workplace and their result on employee retention continue to go unaddressed and therefore unchanged.  Lisa uses lessons from The Butterfly and her own Leadership Journey to share and demonstrate critically important managerial soft-skills that are key to getting the job done, becoming an exceptional leader and ensuring “no matter how tough the conversation, every employee walks out of your office with their dignity intact".

In this session participants will learn:

1. Critical components of organizational culture that lead to increased employee engagement and retention.

2. Self Development strategies that build and maintain successful leadership skills, improve working relationships and ensure effective team dynamics.

3. Essential skills needed to maintain high levels of personal and professional integrity that promote ethical and accountable organizational cultures. 

Lisa is on the mission of Transforming the Human in Human Resources®. She speaks to organizations and associations about the the critical soft-skills required to reduce the statistics indicating 60% of employees say that managers are the reason they left them company. (According to The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Her goal is to ensure “no matter how tough the conversation, every employee walks out of a manager's office with their dignity intact”. In doing so, organizations reduce liability, increase employee retention and improve business performance.

She is Founder & President of human resources consulting company, HBL Resources, Inc., The Complete Manager Makeover, an HR support & training membership platform, and National Management Training Week.  She conducts Keynotes, Plenary & Breakout Sessions, Workshops, Speeches & Trainings on a variety of topics.

She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and holds two nationally recognized HR Certifications, The Human Resource Certification Institute’s (HRCI) Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification and SHRM’s Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). Her firm is designated as an approved provider of recertification credit programs from both the SHRM and HRCI.

Recognized throughout her 30 year HR career including two 2020 American Business Awards® Silver Stevie Awards for Entrepreneur of the Year and Human Resources Professional of the Year, she attributes the success to her passion for people and desire to give back to her community.  She volunteers for S.C.O.R.E. Broward, her local Chamber of Commerce, Broward County's KIDS AND THE POWER OF WORK (KAPOW) Program and Oasis Church of Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Originally, from Brooklyn, NY, she is a wife, mom, grandma and considers herself a craft geek.

ALL of the speakers presented relevant interesting topics.  Wonderful wonderful event!  SO SO important to humanize HR.

Alissa Chaim

Human Resources Business Partner

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Nikki Green

Author & Motivational Speaker

Moving from ME to Community

In this talk, Nikki will share strategies for how to bridge the generational gaps of employee' mindsets, moving from a fixed and scarce "Me" focus, to a "Community" centric view of our interconnected success at work.  She will discuss Creative Adaptability exercises that can be used in virtual and hybrid workforces across the globe. Through key improvements in communication style and tools from Asynchronous to Synchronous, a new dialog can begin between management and employees.

Key Objectives:

1. Change Management - Creative Adaptability

2. Employee Engagement & Retention- Strategies to bridge the generational gaps of employees' mindsets 

3. Managing a Global Workforce - The importance of personalized communication in a virtual work world.  Moving from Synchronous vs Asynchronous communication.

Nikki Green left the tech world to inspire the next generation to do things differently. She partners with graduating college students to create a 'syllabus for life' designed to help them pursue their passions rather than just a paycheck. Through her book "I Laugh in the Face of Danger" and her weekly podcast Stand Up & Stand Out, she coaches the Chameleon Mindset, teaching her audience how to adapt to their ever-changing environment.


Richard Lombard

Cultural Intelligence Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant

Developing Cultural Intelligence to Create a More Inclusive Workplace

A diverse workplace does not necessarily mean an inclusive culture.  Cultural intelligence is a skill for all managers to better understand and address their employees' cultural differences.  Through cultural intelligence managers and employees can create a more welcoming, inclusive, and respectful work environment.  

The learning objectives of this session are: 

*  Learn the 4 components of cultural intelligence and how they work together.

*  Understand the 10 cultural value dimensions to see how cultures think, act, and communicate differently.

*  Identify 5 ways to develop cultural intelligence.

*  Learn 6 things that can be done now to demonstrate cultural intelligence.

These objectives address the SHRM competencies of Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Culture and Operating in a Culturally Diverse Workplace.

Richard Lombard gives talks, conducts training workshops, and provides consulting on cultural intelligence.  He is a certified cultural intelligence (CQ) instructor through the Cultural Intelligence Center.  He developed and led cultural intelligence programs while working in information technology at JPMorgan Chase and Nationwide Insurance.  Richard has given cultural intelligence presentations or webinars to the Central Ohio InfoSec Summit, ISACA, National Church Residences, Expesite, and other organizations. 

Through cultural intelligence training, organizations can improve hiring, raise employee engagement scores, and increase retention by creating a work environment where all employees and client feel welcomed, recognized, and respected.  Richard encourages organizations to take advantage of their cultural diversity to enhance creativity and innovation.   


Rob Dubin

Motivational Speaker/ Corporate Trainer

Great Resignation 2.0 - Solutions that actually work.

We are a year and a half into the Great Resignation and the numbers show it is getting worse not better.  An unavoidable conclusion then is that the compensation and benefits based solutions instituted in the last year have been ineffective.  The pandemic changed people’s thinking on personal happiness and until employers address that effectively resignations will continue.  Some desperate employers are luring employees by increasing salaries 30% and more sparking new resignations.  This webinar will teach you cost effective strategies that do work to achieve employee happiness and reduce resignations.  You will also have data that will get the C-Suite on board and learn how HR can re-define their organizational role to a new advantage.  Lastly you will leave the webinar a happier employee yourself. 

Learning Objectives:

1) The actual cause and solution to the Great Resignation.

2) HR department's new role in solving the GR.

3) Statistics and strategies to get C-Suite buy in.

4) Three specific strategies to make you and your employees happier starting today. 

Rob Dubin is serial entrepreneur who created multiple 7 figure businesses before retiring at 42 years old. He and his wife then sold their home, moved onto a 40ft sailboat, and spent the next 17 years sailing around the world studying human happiness and fulfillment. Rob went from sharing his life with billionaires and CEOs to meeting barefoot villagers in over 100 countries and learned from both groups. Rob interweaves lessons learned while sailing with his business experience resulting in memorable talks with applicable strategies for his audiences. Today Rob gives back by teaching courses in human happiness.


Jay Thompson

Corporate Culture Coach

Creating Outstanding Team Culture

Company culture is one of the most important mountains every business needs to climb. During this session we will discuss what culture is and how we each have to take personal responsibility for building the culture we want.

Objectives include:

1. Understanding the concept of team culture

2. What's an individuals role in that culture.

3. How to take personal responsibility for the culture in your organization.

Over the past 50 years, Jay Thompson has welcomed every path that life has taken him on, and it has been quite a journey. He was a young teenage entrepreneur running a successful landscape business. He received a baseball scholarship to Georgia State University. He earned an Environmental Design/Landscape Architecture degree from Auburn University. He married the love of his life, he has been blessed with one son, one daughter, one son-in-law, and is a proud "Papa Jay" of the best granddaughter ever. He has served in ministry for over 30 years, working with teenagers, community leaders, and foreign missions worldwide. He is a John Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach and Seven Habits facilitator. He has spoken to community groups, real estate agencies, non-profits, and financial institutions about discovering their purpose and creating a culture based on their values. He has served as the Leadership Development Coordinator in the banking industry for almost a decade.

Jay lives just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, with his family. If he is not speaking and coaching companies and individuals on how to get FROM where they are TO where they want to be, you can find Jay out on a trail somewhere putting in the miles. Life is a journey, and one thing Jay has learned, no one should hike alone. So if you are looking for a great life hiking partner, he's ready to help you discover your path so you can enjoy your journey.


Matt Poepsel, PhD

The Godfather of Talent Optimization

Expand the Circle: Layered Leadership That Can Boost Performance, Maximize Engagement, and Save the World

While most employers believe they're competing with other organizations who seek to poach top talent, the real threat is internal. The divide between employers and employees is widening, and both sides are dissatisfied. This can be solved.

Today, an employee's need to belong, to contribute in a meaningful way, and to feel valued is directly tied to their experiences at work. Leadership is the bridge that creates critical connections between the work, the workers, and one another, but only if we take a fresh approach to this timeless practice.

Key Objectives:  

1)  Recognize the 3 forces that are shaping employee needs and expectations.

2)  Reinforce the 4 critical talent optimization activities every organization must master.

3)  Build a 5-step leadership bridge that unites the two sides of the employment relationship.

Matt Poepsel, PhD is a leadership expert and "The Godfather of Talent Optimization". He serves as the Vice President of Professional Services at The Predictive Index. Matt has led product and consulting teams in rapidly growing Boston-area software companies for more than 20+ years. He holds a PhD in Psychology with a concentration in leadership and coaching as well as a Certificate of Management Excellence from Harvard Business School. He served as a cryptographic linguist in the US Marine Corps, and he's an IRONMAN triathlon finisher.


Jane Cabrera

Owner Jane Cabrera Coaching, Inc

Unity in the Community:  A Leader's Guide to  Transformative Communication

In uncertain times, the communication and tone of the leader can make or break a team dynamic.  Transformational leaders have a way of communicating that fosters a sense of unity, where team members work collaboratively and effectively.  How do they do it?

In this session, participants will:

1) Experience the power of transformative  communication.

2) Uncover what transformation really is, and why it matters.

3) Learn three simple steps to foster transformative communication. 

Jane Cabrera believes that each individual has their own inner guidance, that special spark that makes them uniquely qualified to contribute to the world in their own way. She has an ability to listen to her clients in a way that allows them to slow down their thoughts, making space for heightened awareness. Connecting with her client's innate wisdom, simple solutions and powerful outcomes occur naturally. Her light- hearted and simple approach has proven successful for her clients, both corporate and private many times over.

Focusing on being an agent of change with corporate and organizational clients, Jane provides engaging, insightful and empirical workshops, customized to meet your organization's needs.


Lisa I. Perez SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Founder, National Management Training Week

Conducting a Respectable Separation Conversation

Handling a separation goes beyond just doing it in a legally defensive manner. Regardless of the reason for separation, showing that the organization cares about exiting employees can take several different forms and entails careful planning of what to say and not to say, considering and coordinating various logistics and what steps to take after the conversation.  This session will provide necessary insight to prepare you or your managers to participate or conduct a respectable separation conversation.

Key Objectives Include:

1. Understand what to take into consideration as you prepare for the separation conversation.

2. Learn what to say and how to say it to reduce potential risks.

3. Identify common pitfalls that can occur during the conversation and how to avoid them.

4. Strategies to reduce separation stress and motivate exiting employee to focus on the future.

Lisa I. Perez is an Author, Speaker and the Founder & President of HR consulting company, HBL Resources, Inc., HR Support & Training Membership platform The Complete Manager Makeover and National Management Training Week.  She is on the mission of Transforming the Human in Human Resources®.

As a member of SHRM and holds two nationally recognized HR Certifications and her firm is designated as an approved provider of recertification credit programs from both the SHRM and HRCI.

Recognized throughout her 30-year HR career including two 2020 American Business Awards® Silver Stevie Awards for Entrepreneur of the Year and Human Resources Professional of the Year, she attributes the success to her passion for people and desire to give back to her community.  She volunteers for S.C.O.R.E. Broward, her local Chamber, Broward County's KAPOW Program and her family Church.

Originally, from Brooklyn, NY, she is a wife, mom, grandma and considers herself a craft geek.

For more info, check out

Lisa Perez


Soyini Chang

Co-Founder/CEO , Quantum Power Skills 

The Quantum Power Business Case for DEI

Motivational lecture focusing on 21st Century mega-trends and the requisite competencies needed for organizations to succeed in a global economy featuring the rapidly rising buying power of multicultural consumers.  The conversation promises to inspire business leaders to lean into discomfort and learn a new, extremely nuanced set of skills.  Thus, the fourth industrial revolution is upon us.  Is your organization ready to compete? 

Since 2012, Soyini has built her career on the catch phrase, "Standing in the Gap" and being a servant leader. By using creativity and innovation she has successfully closed disparities in education and corporate all the while bringing more diversity, equity and inclusion to the workplace.  As a forward-thinking Mom-Preneur, that is a mom whose also an entrepreneur; she co-founded an education non-profit that partners with organizations to provide research-based, one-on-one tutoring.   At the same time, she served as the Education Director of the Harlem NJTL. In 2016, her not for profit work led her to the White House where she hosted the Caribbean-American summit.  In 2019, she launched Quantum Power Skills, a 21st Century management consulting firm that is bringing in a ROI in business and society. QPS offers strategy, implementation and training solutions that are instantly transformational and impactful.  Our goal is to shift the organizational culture to a place where people love their job, positioning them to be competitive amidst an ever-changing workforce.  Soyini has been featured on the Today show and Discovery Health Channel.  She received her undergraduate degree in Economics from Emory University and holds a master's degree in Educational Leadership.  Soyini is currently receiving her certification in DEI from Cornell University. 


Val Shah

Health and Wellness Expert, DROM Practice


Looking for a unique and fun way to engage your team or group?  Ready to get out of your seats and have some fun?  Maybe you need an engaging way to relieve stress and increase productivity, trying to find that perfect activity that everyone can participate in.  HERE IT IS!!

Val Shah is an international presenter who promotes the importance of mental health and well-being through DROM.  From corporate events and speaking engagements to energizers, a membership program and trainings, no matter the size of audience, Val engages people to move, think creatively, reduce stress and feel a renewed sense of empowerment.


Dan Hunter

Founder of Workzinga

Culture Fit Assessment: The Talent Management Solution

From pre-call screening through the lifecycle of employee engagement, we discuss the practical application of a culture-based assessment.

Key Takeaways

Understand the value of an objective assessment

Discover the importance of an employment-focused assessment

Recognize the various stages of the employee lifecycle where engagement and culture meet.

Dan Hunter is the founder of Navorion LLC, a company focused on bringing new ideas to market. Hunter has a passion for developing teams and mentoring leaders. Before Navorion, Hunter managed operational units for various healthcare companies, with an extensive focus on building and scaling teams. This experience spurred Hunter's desire to develop a more effective hiring process through a new tech platform emphasizing company culture fit, now known as Workzinga."


Norma Hollis

Master Change Catalyst

Authentic Leadership with Dignity

A dynamic presentation where you will be introduced to the Dignity Grid. Using the nine dimensions of the grid, you have the opportunity to  examine your level of authenticity and connect it to how you are addressing issues of diversity within yourself, among others, and within your organization.

•Learn more about your thoughts by looking within yourself and examining your listening, commitment, and engagement energy.

•Learn more about your communication habits by discovering how aware and intentional you are about your well-being and the well-being of others, the values you display in your collaboration efforts and how fairly you treat others.

•Discover new perspectives that promote empathy and a culture of authentic inclusion.

•Discover ways to maximize the information you received about yourself.

Norma Hollis is a Master Change Catalyst who writes programs for human development and has been the catalyst for change in three industries.

She wrote her most popular program, Authenticize, while spending three decades researching human nature from personal, professional, and spiritual perspectives. Authenticize is a personal and professional development process that leads to cooperation and collaboration through teaching self-awareness in a way that increases personal acceptance and mutual respect.

The program grew from Norma's first career directing child development programs and creating processes that helped parents identify learning deficits of their young children. In her second career, as the owner of a speaker bureau, she was the first Black woman to own a speaker bureau for Black Speakers. This resulted in many other bureau opportunities for Black Speakers.

Norma's current work is in the professional coaching industry. She has written programs that support organizational culture, engagement, dignity and sales success, all around her original Authenticize process. She also certifies coaches, speakers, teachers and leaders to integrate her Authenticize process in their personal and professional life as well as with their clients and platforms. 

Norma is the author of Blueprint for Engagement: Authentic Leadership, Ten Steps to Authenticity and The Process to Become a Professional Speaker, as well as multiple online classes and programs. Her work helps people gain clarity about themselves and their purpose, courage to be their authentic self and tools to use these concepts for corporate and entrepreneurial success.


Nancy Matthews

Founder, The People Skills Academy

Reducing Conflict & Drama in the Workplace

In this training you will learn practical strategies to bring into the workplace and all areas of your life that lead to less conflict, frustration and drama and increased cooperation and productivity. In a world where there is so much disconnection, division, and disagreement, how do we bridge the divide to create greater understanding, compassion, and connection? The One Philosophy is the path.

Key Learning Objectives

1. Creating a Culture of Open Communication 

2. How to Diffuse Disagreements and Conflicts 

3. The Fertile Feedback Formula

Nancy Matthews is a Leadership, Sales & Marketing Expert, known as The One Philosopher & The Visionary with Guts whose unique blend of creativity, business savvy, and exceptional understanding of human behavior causes audiences far and wide to sing her praises. She is a 6x best-selling author, sought after international speaker and global leader who has shared the stage with today’s top thought and business leaders and has been regularly featured throughout the media. As a single mother of two (now all grown up) Nancy knows first-hand how to juggle the many demands on our time and energy to achieve extraordinary results. She is the founder of The People Skills Academy and Women’s Prosperity Network and works with growth-minded individuals who want to increase productivity, results, and relationships (life and business). She’s a lover of music and long-time fan of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, having seen more than 80 of their shows. One of her visions is to use the power of music to spread The One Philosophy and she’s co-written a song with Fiz Anthony, “Everyone’s The One” that she one day plans to sing with Bruce Springsteen!



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